Saturday, March 6, 2010


Many thanks for the 20 folks who came out to Elk River today. Trails were good, albeit soft (the clouds didn't roll in until much later than we'd expected) and everyone seemed to have a good time. As promised, here are results—with a twist—pictoral results. Enjoy, and if you want a hi-res copy of any of the pictures, comment here or email ari.ofsevit at gmail. (Click any picture to enlarge—and there are many more where these came from.)

10k Fname Lname Bib Age 10k Finish 10k Pace
Julia Harrison 64 17 F 0:38:05 0:03:49

Jesse Langley 66 44 M 0:38:15 0:03:50

Darrin Diedrich 65 44 M 0:41:30 0:04:09

Sue Harrison 63 53 F 0:44:45 0:04:29
Mercedes Leininger 61 17 F 0:44:50 0:04:29

Maxwell Winter 58 16 M 0:44:51 0:04:29

Jack Ver Steegh 68 61 M 0:58:18 0:05:50

20k Fname Lname Bib Age Lap 1 Pace 20k Finish 20k Pace
John Swain 71 24 M 0:31:24 0:03:08 1:04:21 0:03:13
David Christopherson 57 60 M 0:31:26 0:03:09 1:04:47 0:03:14
Jeff Evanson 60 44 M 0:31:27 0:03:09 1:05:27 0:03:16

David Nelson 62 38 M 0:31:25 0:03:09 1:06:20 0:03:19

Philip Misner 54 29 M 0:33:12 0:03:19 1:09:09 0:03:27

Drew Holbrook 72 49 M 0:33:49 0:03:23 1:09:33 0:03:29

Sam Oftedahl 56 28 M 0:34:14 0:03:25 1:11:39 0:03:35
Mark Rathbun 67 50 M 0:34:20 0:03:26 1:11:52 0:03:36

Pat Jopp 69 49 M 0:34:39 0:03:28 1:12:56 0:03:39

Pete Thurmes 70 49 M 0:35:26 0:03:33 1:14:00 0:03:42

Dave Kallemeyn 55 52 M 0:35:50 0:03:35 1:15:43 0:03:47

Bob Mckenzie 53 38 M 0:37:52 0:03:47 1:22:00 0:04:06

Sophie Scholz 59 16 F 0:55:28 0:05:33 1:47:00 0:05:21

It's a beautiful day

Let's go ski—see you at noon.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Course recon and pictures

Saturday at noon: 10/20k.

Woodlands Trails should be in fine shape for the ski race on Saturday. There is good, continuous coverage around the 10k outer loop, and the snow is firm and solid. Conditions vary based on exposure, areas which have seen the sun are icy, those in the shade are still well-packed powder. The trails will be groomed Friday night or Saturday morning based on the weather (with cloudy weather, the course should stay rather firm). There are two icy spots—one on the Prairie Loop and one on Peeper Hollow, which will be shoveled or cut out of the course as necessary, but for now we plan to run a full 10k lap. Conditions should be good for the biathlon event on Sunday as well.

Here are a few pictures; more will be posted on Skinnyski shortly.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weather and trails

Report from Dave up at Elk River is of great conditions. Fresh grooming, of course, for Saturday.

Saturday looks cooler and cloudier than the past few days, and the race should be right around freezing, so we'll leave the start at noon which should make for an outstanding course. I am planning a recon trip up tomorrow morning, with pictures.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We're watching the weather. It might not be super-sunny, but it sounds like Elk River's snow should stack up fine. We'll have a race report before race time on Saturday. But the race goes on, rain, snow or shine.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Race update

With Birkie preparations, I haven't personally been up to Elk River, but the trail reports paint a pretty rosy picture. And with the latest weather forecasts not showing any major warm-ups, the snow should be fine in a week and a half. March 6 at noon. Bring yourself, we'll bring the sunscreen!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The SPring Fling 10 & 20k races at Elk River

Mark your calendars: March 6 at Woodland Trails in Elk River the Macalester Nordic Ski Team will host the SPF10 and 20k races on the wonderful trails in Elk River. The races will be 10k and 20k freestyle events and start at high noon under the bright March sun (there's a reason it's called the SPF 20) using the outer trail (10k per lap) at Woodland Trails in Elk River with the Prairie Loop start. Conditions there are excellent, and the trails generally hold snow longer than anywhere else in the area.

Registration, on-site, will be $25, and $15 for high school-and-younger racers. Cash, or checks made payable to "Macalester College." All proceeds from the race will go to the Woodlands Trails grooming crew and to support the Macalester Nordic Ski Team.

We can make no guarantees, but we're ordering up deep snow, good grooming and, hopefully, sunny skies under a bright, March sun.

Questions? Leave a comment here or email ari.ofsevit [at] gmail.